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Atlas Thrive™ — Powered by MÜV™ brings to life a line of smoke-free and innovative cannabis products that inspire Canadians to live better, healthier lives.

We connect modern science with high-grade cannabis to create everyday natural health products
for health-conscious individuals.

Everyday health products for everyday people.

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Atlas Thrive™ Transdermal Patches are the ideal solution for patients seeking steady-release, smoke-free cannabis that can be confidently integrated into a health and wellness routine. These patches are engineered for everyday use, so you can wear them beneath your clothes or in the shower without worry of peeling.

Utilizing patented Encapsulation (EnCaps™) Technology, these transdermal patches feature increased permeability and a controlled, 72-hour release.

MÜV™ CBD Transdermal Patch
MÜV™ 1:1 THC:CBD Transdermal Patch
MÜV™ THC Transdermal Patch


Atlas Thrive™ Transdermal Gels are formulated using EnCaps™ Technology for long-lasting and fast-acting delivery. The quick-absorbing gel is applied to the skin and permeates from there. Each of our gels comes with a metered pump, which precisely measures out a 15 mg dose. Small and discreet, the pump fits perfectly in a pocket or a purse.

MÜV™ CBD Transdermal Gel
MÜV™ 1:1 THC:CBD Transdermal Gel
MÜV™ THC Transdermal Gel

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Atlas Thrive™ Tinctures are water soluble and can be mixed into all liquids, including your morning coffee or post-workout smoothie. Or drop it straight under your tongue if that’s your preference. The innovative EnCaps™ Technology ensures consistent and fast-acting dosing. This product contains trace amounts of alcohol.

MÜV™ CBD Tincture
MÜV™ 1:1 THC:CBD Tincture
MÜV™ THC Tincture

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Atlas Thrive™ — Powered by MÜV™ natural health products are steeped in modern science to help both patients and practitioners.

Atlas’ high-quality cannabis is cultivated under precision-controlled laboratory conditions in an effort to produce consistent and safe pharmaceutical-grade cannabis. All our products are propagated in a state-of-the-art, controlled-environment facility. Atlas is heavily focused in research and development, and continues to form collaborations with well-recognized institutions like Harvard Medical and the University of Alberta.

Atlas Growers partnered with AltMed to bring smoke-free, fast-acting and long-lasting products to patients across Canada through the launch of Atlas Thrive™ — Powered by MÜV™. The EnCaps™ Technology renders cannabinoids water soluble and more readily absorbable within the body.

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